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The Multi Cultural Research Company

Helping Brands Thrive Amongst Ethnic Consumers

Who We Are

We are committed to uncovering how cultural conditioning drives the mindset and consequently behavior.

The multi cultural market in the UK is at an interesting juncture. The children of the early immigrants, 2nd/3rd generation straddle both British and home country values and display a certain behaviour; their parent’s generation are rooted in mindsets and behaviours of the mother country; newer and younger immigrants bring with themselves a set of behaviours reflective of the economic prosperity and globalization of third world economies. As ‘old country’ drivers clash/merge with ‘new country’ drivers, tensions are created around values, motivations and actions. This is where we step in – by using a cultural lens and using a macro perspective, we uncover powerful insights enabling brands to tap into these opportunities.

Quant Edge was set up in 2010 by Nila Sanyal and Preeti Marwaha. With a combined research experience of 35 years we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in research. Applying a trained eye we look at the data holistically, analyse intensely to translate large amounts of data into concise and compelling findings.

What We Stand For

We believe marketing problems do not come wrapped in methodology. We therefore apply first principles thinking -, coming to grips with the root problem. This rigorous thinking upfront enables us to design the appropriate methodology to capture the core consumer questions. The outcome therefore is insightful analysis, stretching beyond the obvious, giving our Clients the edge in terms of understanding their most important constituency – their consumers.
Our previous Client side experience has made us well acquainted with the challenges marketing teams face in extracting the utility from research. In most areas of our work we tend to provide an order of magnitude, mapping and prioritizing the most commercially relevant insights. The Client is left with clarity on the most attractive outcomes, lending an edge over competition.
Specialist Multi Cultural Experience
We are a unique combination of robust market research skills and an instinctive ability to engage with diverse audiences, digging deep to deliver valuable insights. Having researched these audiences for more than a decade, we have a keen awareness of the issues associated with multicultural research

  • Factors affecting response rates and measures to maximize it
  • Semantics of questionnaire design in order to ensure the marketing question is fully understood by the ethnic respondent
  • Within the ethnic market itself, differentiation across consumers based on country of origin, education, socio economic factors and acculturation levels.

This dual skills helps us to not only decode current behaviours but also predict future actions. This is where the real skill and value of of working with us lies.

Our Work


We have extensive experience in working qualitatively and quantitatively in the FMCG domain. Our work spans a broad spectrum ranging from one off customized research projects (i.e. ad testing, ad awareness, new product research etc.) to regular Usage & Attitude, market sizing and segmentation studies. Giving a voice to and keeping up to date on the evolving trends amongst multi-cultural audiences is not only a core part of our work but also our passion. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse cohort of consumers from South Asia (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi’s etc.) Africa (Nigerians and Ghanaians) and China.

Hard to reach audiences

In the trade arena, we have experience working with key stakeholders (Chefs, Owners) in South Asian and Chinese Restaurants and Takeaways in the UK. We have conducted qualitative and quantitative research on site as well as product tests in their kitchens. Researching this audience poses numerous challenges such as reticence, time constraint and likelihood of cancellations. Use of local language researchers, interviewers and translators provides us the advantage to break the ice.


Key Insights

What South Asians Living In The UK Think And Do!

We’ve built up a significant body of knowledge and facts during the course of our research with ethnic audiences. Moreover, on our online Panel of South Asians we regularly run Polls to capture the mood of South Asian women living in the UK.

Online Ethnic Panel

Quant Edge set up Multicultural Britain Think (MCBT) in 2013 in response to some of the challenges faced by clients in undertaking research amongst South Asians. As these audiences are barely represented in mainstream panels, the only means of reaching them previously was through face to face research; which is time consuming and expensive.

Setting up the panel was a slow and painstaking process as majority of our respondents had to be recruited face to face. However, it is this very factor that lends credibility to the authenticity of the ethnic panel and ensures its roots remain strong.

MCBT today is a growing panel with representation from several ethnicities- Indians (Punjabis, Gujaratis, Other regions within India), Pakistanis and Bangladeshi. The panel as it stands is women only as our experience tells us that they are the key decision makers for a host of consumer products. The panel provides a quick and cost effective means of addressing your quantitative research needs whether it is an omnibus, pack/ad test or a more detailed U&A.

For further information on the panel please contact us on info@multiculturalbritainthink.co.uk or alternatively visit us at www.multiculturalbritainthink.co.uk

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